Yeah I Know Right!!

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im in love with this and want to do it to one of my jumpers but wears her bra?

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nd my life changed

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I want to kiss you.

  • Boy: do you know where I really want to kiss you?
  • Girl: on the lips?
  • Boy: No!
  • Girl: on my cheeks?
  • Boy: probably not!
  • Girl: on my neck?
  • Boy: never! To be honest I really want to kiss you in ...... the church right in front of all people we know after we BOTH say, ' I do '. ♥

Yeah Right!

  • TATAY: bagsak ka na naman! Ba't di mo gayahin si Pedro? Palaging may honor.
  • ANAK: unfair naman kung ikumpara niyo ako kay Pedro.
  • TATAY: bakit naman?
  • ANAK: matalino tatay nun!


I can’t get the background to work in any way that I like

Ah well, I guess I’ll just stop

its just a doodle, anyways.

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this relates to me so much.

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